Sunday, 20 July 2014

FRENCH CHIC!!! Château de Chambord!!!


Model   Olga   Babko,
Photo   by   Marina   Babko,
Style   by   Olga   Babko!!!

                                                      Jacquard suit
Dollybird   Studded   Platform   Heeled   Shoe
Royal   Crown   River   Island
White   lace   blouse
Lace Socks
Gold   bracelets   Victoria's   Secret
Make   Up   Lipstick   Yves   Saint   Laurent,
Eye   Shadow   BH   Cosmetics,
Tone   Cream   Yves   Saint  Laurent.
            New photoshoot "Château de Chambord"   is  in the spirit of French castles, queens and majestic France. France, with its unique architecture, French chic even in small things, a famous French fashion and style!!!
Jacquard   suit  with delicate patterns and textures creates an unforgettable effect of 18th century of  France! I combine this costume with lace blouse  with full sleeves!!! And   my   feeling moved me in a French Chateau de Chambord. I'm the queen of the evening! Beautiful, elegant and unforgettable!!!
 Shoes company Dolyubird I specially prepared for this photo   session. They are made of leather, very soft and   excellent. I love expensive and prestigious shoes.
On my head wearing a crown! Royal Crown for the royals! I am the Queen! Ha ha!!!