Skin will be breathe and perfect.


1.   Isopure. Aqua -   pure gel cleanser.
2.   Tonique  Aromatique.  
     Aromatic toning   mist for the   face.
3.   24 -   hour active moisturizing silky   face   cream.   Combination   to   oily   skin.
Gel Isopure for the face has a very dense texture. When applied to the face that envelops the face. Gel excellent defecating. Face after washing tender, soft.
Aromatic facial toner gives a pleasant sweet aroma face.
Cream moisturizes the skin very well.
The first stage is the purification of the face. The second stage has a drawing of aromatic tonic. The third stage has hydration of the skin. Face after these three stages will be clean and clear. Skin will   be  breathe and   perfect.




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