Makeup Chanel!!!

Eye shadow Chanel  Illusion Dombre Epatant
Mascara Chanel Le Volume de Chanel
Lipstick Dior.
On Last photo shoot "Princess in Green" I had a new makeup Chanel. I bought a new shade, new mascara Chanel, Dior lipstick. Tonal cream was Yves Saint Larent. Green suit and unusual pattern combined with a new shade of make up Chanel.
Shadows are very soft, bright and vivid. Shadows are applied very rich. It's gorgeous shine. I am very pleased that bought Chanel shade. Mascara creates volume. Eyelashes are very expressive.
Mascara creates instant volume and dizzying bend at the first touch. Eyelashes are thick and dense. Eyelashes become intense color.
Dior Fluid  Lipstick perfectly envelops lips. Lipstick applied easily and conveniently. Lipstick applied with a soft sponge for lip gloss. Makeup with this lipstick becomes fascinating.



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