Thursday, 2 January 2014

My Christmas and New Year Trees!!!

The   velour  hoodie
Velour pant
Sequin Graphic top
Head band
Tone cream   Yves Saint Laurent,
lipstick   Yves saint Laurent,
Eye shadow   BH Cosmetics.

Our family has a tradition every year at Christmas and New Year's decorating the Christmas tree!!!
Our tree has a lot of Christmas balls. Some of them are already very old. They bought my great-grandmother Mary in the sixties.   Tradition of buying a real Christmas tree and decorate it with joy founded grandmother Maria!!!
And every year my mother and I go to the market where they sell Christmas trees, buy the best, and bring it home!!!
Every year a few weeks before the New Year we buy new Christmas decorations! I always buy the most beautiful and expensive!!!   Our tree has a lot of Christmas toys from the sixties, eighties who bought my mom, and modern, which I buy every year!!! This year I bought a  ice cream  car, two cats   and strawberry!!!
We decorate the Christmas tree in a few hours and sometimes days! Each toy must be in place. My great-grandmother Mary decorated Christmas trees as well!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!